Educational project

Educational model

The goal of Lauexeta Ikastola is to foster the personal development of students as members of an increasingly complex society which they must help to improve. Accordingly, the key elements of the education model applied at Lauexeta Ikastola are these: the development of competencies among students, innovation, advanced learning methods, multiple learning options and personalised learning.  The learning process of each student is organised around his/her personal, cognitive and social development over three main stages:  Sendotu, Jabetu and Erabaki. This system makes for more personalised learning projects.

  • Q de calidad 2001
  • Q de calidad 2003
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  • EFQM
  • Certificado de Escuela Sostenible
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • Distinguished Educator
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  • Academica diploma dual international studies