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Basque and multilingual teaching

Lauaxeta Ikastola is a school that teaches in Basque, which means that it guarantees the pupils’ proficiency in euskara - the Basque language, by teaching the school curriculum in this language, as well as through the pupils’ involvement in cultural activities within our community.

Nevertheless, with the above as our starting point, and to the extent that our objective is the rounded development of each individual, the school provides a multilingual education, which means that our pupils are taught to communicate in at least three languages (Basque, Spanish and English), as well as have some knowledge of other languages (French or German), as detailed in the following table:

  Early Childhood Education (ages 2-6) Primary Education (ages 6-12) Compulsory Secondary Education (ages 12-16) Sixth Form (ages 16-18)
Basque Part of the school curriculum. Reinforcement in Early Childhood Education
Spanish   Specific subject as of the 1st year of Primary Education
English Specific subject as of the age of 4
  Physical Education, Science and Speaking in English Religion, Socials and Physical Education in English Optionals subjects in English
French     Optional as of the age of 14
German     Optional as of the age of 14

The school therefore organises optional, extracurricular and summer activities in other languages, and actively arranges exchanges with other schools in Europe.

Along these lines, it should be noted that Lauaxeta Ikastola is an authorised Cambridge examination centre, and there are many pupils both from the school itself and from outside who take the corresponding exams at Lauaxeta for the various certificates awarded by Cambridge University.

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