Lauaxeta Ikastola


Lauaxeta Ikastola, which is named after the poet Esteban Urkiaga “Lauaxeta”, was founded in 1977, and over the course of its first ten years it grew from 150 pupils to 1,450, and from nine teachers to 75.

A highly significant stage came later, over the years 1988-1993, when the school defined its own identity based on educational innovation, and complemented it with innovation and continuous improvement in management, understanding that educational excellence requires the support of organisational excellence.

As a result of the ensuing deliberation process, Lauaxeta Ikastola embarked upon a new stage of Strategic Plans (1996-2000/ 2000-2004/2004-2008) in which it committed to a values-based Educational Project designed to prepare each individual for a life of continuous learning, while at the same time refurbishing its facilities.

In keeping with this approach, the Management Team decided to seek instruction in the management of excellence, as per the EFQM model, with the remit being to “innovate in management in order to manage innovation”. Accordingly, a process-based management system was implemented to serve the educational project. The outcome has involved the award of numerous social accolades and prizes. In addition to those recorded in each one of the school’s annual reports, special mention should be made of the following: Silver Q in 2001 (scoring over 400 in the EFQM model), two quality prizes awarded by Spain’s Ministry of Education and Science in 2001 and 2002, the Gold Q awarded in 2003 (over 500 points), being short-listed for the European Prize in 2004 and 2006, rated the best school in Spain in the table compiled in recent years by El Mundo newspaper, and the accolades Prize Winner for Management by Processes & Facts 2007, and the EFQM Excellence Award Winner 2007.

The 2004–2008, and 2008-2012 Strategic Plans have orientated Lauaxeta Ikastola toward Social Responsibility and the management of innovation, seeking a more flexible and effective management of our activities and of the school’s results, as well as reinforcing people’s engagement and competencies.

Ever since this journey first began, our school has shown a significant commitment to innovation. Pre-empting and adapting to society’s needs is a priority that is manifested across three fronts: the educational project, the use of ICTs, and quality in management.

School Song of Lauaxeta Ikastola

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