Lauaxeta Ikastola


Lauaxeta Ikastola is a non-profit family cooperative school, declared to be of public interest by the authorities. It is Basque-speaking and multilingual, with a commitment to society and open to all its members. Lauaxeta Ikastola’s goal is to help pupils to mature as individuals with a view to achieving self-fulfilment and finding their place in a society that is increasingly complex, and thereby contributing to its enhancement.


At Lauaxeta Ikastola we pursue an Innovative Educational Project that is set to become a benchmark in society, with a staff of highly competent people, which will be furnished with excellent resources, and will be acknowledged for the quality of its ancillary services and its commitment to society.


  • Understanding the individual to be the school’s most prized asset, and a source of initiative, creativity and innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Shared responsibility
  • Lifelong learning
  • Climate of respect and trust
  • Consistency between planning and doing

Puertas abiertas 2022

  • Q de calidad 2001
  • Q de calidad 2003
  • Cooperativa de utilidad pública
  • EFQM
  • Certificado de Escuela Sostenible
  • Distinguished Educator
  • Logo heldutasuna IKT
  • Academica diploma dual international studies
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • Onetwothink