Canteen menu

We have our own kitchen facilities, and all the food is prepared on-site, attending to all kinds of dietary requirements, as medically prescribed.

A fully endorsed catering company is responsible for the provisioning and design of menus according to dietary-nutritional criteria, preparing the meals, and upholding all hygiene-health guarantees.

In early Childhood and Primary Education, the pupils are supervised by their teachers with the help of a team of assistants. In the stages of Secondary Education and Sixth Form this service is provided directly by the kitchen staff.

Based on the conclusions of the menu audit carried out during the 2018-2019 academic year, other measures implemented are the following:

• Replacing fried foods with culinary techniques that require less oil, such as an oven.

• Increase the frequency of egg-based dishes once a week.

• Reduction of high-fat meat preparations (sausages, hamburgers, ...).

• Increase the frequency of fruit in desserts, going from 3 to 4 servings, encouraging the consumption of fibers, vitamins and minerals.

• In relation to dessert, the frequency of dairy products is weekly, thus achieving a reduction of simple sugars in the menu.


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