Lauaxeta Ikastola

Letter from the principal

The education model applied at Lauaxeta Ikastola is grounded on two main beliefs which in turn are based on scientific evidence and underlie the school´s project  and its motto "personal development to build a society".

The first takes an optimistic view of human existence, based on psychological expertise, in which scientific efforts are focused on strengthening the positive emotions and resources of each individual.

We have also observed that we are living in an increasingly complex, globalised society that is characterised, among other things, by continual change, cultural and religious diversity and digital connectivity.

Both these points lead us to see education as a process that will remain active throughout our lives and will mobilise competencies such as creativity, the search for solutions to cross-sectoral, collective problems and the acquiring of different learning experiences.

The excellent learning outcomes of our students (in both internal and external assessments), the increasing demand for enrolments and the firm commitment of our staff to innovation in teaching continue to evidence the good job being done by the educational community at Lauexeta.

As Head, I therefore wish to congratulate and thank families, students and teachers like, as it is only through commitment, engagement and a positive attitude on the part of all concerned that more effective learning can be achieved. 

May I send you all my best regards and my encouragement to continue building this path together.


Aitor Pagaldai

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