Educational project

Sixth Form

Development of occupational competencies

In upper secondary education the development of competencies is reinforced by an occupational approach. The projects undertaken by pupils are therefore focused mainly on cross-sectoral competencies.

Competences web Types of competenciesCompetences web


In year one of upper secondary education pupils undertake an entrepreneurial learning project that concludes with the setting up of a business project that they must defend before a panel of assessors. This project is carried out in teams, which then become company staff. To that end they make contact with eminent specialists and receive training and master classes from experts in the world of business, innovation and communication.

Bussines programme

All year two upper secondary pupils undergo work experience at companies related to the higher education studies that they wish to take in the following year. This gives them first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day work that they may undertake in the near future, and enables them to assess the importance of the occupational competencies that they are acquiring and of maintaining a proactive attitude to everyday challenges and problems.

European Youth Parliament

In year one of upper secondary education pupils take part in the EYP (European Youth Parliament) programme via the optional subject of Speaking. This programme introduces them to topics concerned with society, politics and economics at worldwide level, and takes the United Nations as a model model for instilling values such as debate, argument, active listening and oratory. The programme concludes with various regional, nationwide and international events that bring together all the pupils who have worked on the project. This programme is conducted entirely in English.

European Youth Parliament

European projects

Learning to communicate effectively in more than one foreign language is a priority for our upper secondary pupils. In year one of upper secondary education the pupils who take French therefore take part in an exchange project with a school in La Rochelle. This project takes place over the whole year and culminates with a full language-immersion trip lasting for a week in which pupils stay with the families of their French counterparts on the project. Moreover, to improve their communication skills in English pupils have the chance to spend one week during this year in Malta, combining classes and leisure activities. 
Finally, the students have the possibility of making an exchange also with Berlin

European Projects

Feedback and improvement

Feedback between staff and pupils concerning the learning process and their improvements is a key element in the development of competencies among pupils and in the assessment system as a whole. Apart from continual, ongoing feedback throughout the school year, each pupil receives exhaustive feedback on his/her strengths and potential areas of improvement at three points during the year.

Cambridge exams

Pupils have the opportunity to sit the official Cambridge exams at the school itself. To that end, English teachers guide each pupil towards the type of exam that best suits his/her level.

Volunteering & service learning

Those pupils who choose to do so have the opportunity to involve themselves in volunteering activities, helping in social, educational and assistance tasks coordinated by the school which take place on the premises and at other organisations with which agreements are reached.


The students in Upper  Secondary Education carry out a range of projects in which they use  video as a device to communicate and disseminate their insights. In this way, they practise the skills of recording techniques, professional  editing and communicative and oral competences.

Personalized learning portfolio

In upper secondary education pupils continue their learning portfolios more autonomously, covering both their learning processes and their personal and occupational development.

Monitor school

Those year two upper secondary pupils who wish to do so may take part in the Laueaxeta Ikastola Official School for Monitors (Euskaraz Egin Taldea), in which they can take an official monitor training course at the school itself.

Sports coach

Those pupils who wish to do so may also take training courses leading to sports coach qualifications at the school itself. These courses are given by qualified specialists.

First aid & lifeguard training

Those pupils who choose to do so may also obtain official first aid and lifeguard training certificates on courses at the school itself, provided that they reach the required minimum standards. 

Bachillerato científico-tecnológico

El bachillerato científico o bachillerato de la modalidad de ciencias permite adquirir las competencias básicas en el ámbito científico de manera que los alumnos al terminar posean las herramientas fundamentales para comenzar estudios universitarios de grado correspondientes a la rama de conocimiento científico tecnológica. Dirigida, sobretodo, a aquellas personas interesadas en las materias de ciencias y tecnología. Algunos de los grados asociados son, por ejemplo: medicina, veterinaria, biología, tecnología industrial o arquitectura.

Bachillerato de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales

El bachillerato de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales está dirigido a un grupo muy amplio de estudiantes que muestran intereses y destrezas en la lectura, la comunicación, memorización, razonamiento abstracto permitiendo adquirir las competencias y destrezas básicas en los ámbitos sociales y humanísticos para poder continuar con éxito estudios universitarios de grado correspondientes a la rama de conocimiento de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. De igual modo, los estudiantes al terminar pueden acceder a los Ciclos Formativos de Grado Superior relacionados con este campo y a determinados puestos de trabajo si el alumno opta por acceder al mundo laboral al teminar Bachillerato. Dirigida, sobretodo, a aquellas personas interesadas en las materias de letras. Algunos de los grados a cursar pueden ser: derecho, periodismo, dirección de empresas o publicidad.

European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD)

Lauaxeta Business Baccalaureate Diploma (LEBBD) is the Business Baccalaureate of Lauaxeta Ikastola to obtain the EBBD diploma.

LEBBD is focused on to those students who want to study Business. However, LEBBD is open to all the students of Lauaxeta Ikastola, and many subjects and  many aspects of LEBBD´s learning path are interesting for all the students as a learning opportunity.

European Business Baccalaureate Diploma, is an Erasmus + programme. It´s main objective is to ensure common Business skills for all the students who want to develop their career in Business areas. 

European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD)European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD)

Dual Bacalaurate

The certificate of Dual- Bachillerato enables the students to attain two diplomas simultaneously: The Bachillerato Certificate of their country (obtained at the school) as well as the diploma of the American Bachillerato or High School Diploma (online). Through this programme we intend to achieve three goals: linguistic immersion, technological immersion and personal immersion.


Academica Diploma de Bachillerato DualAcademica

per secondary education at Lauexeta Ikastola is focused on three goals: the first is to make pupils aware of the need for excellence in learning and of the concept of learning as a lifelong process. The second is to promote awareness of their ability to improve society and encourage initiatives in that direction. The third is to promote a proactive, entrepreneurial attitude among pupils as a key factor in problem-solving and in facing personal and occupational challenges.

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