Educational project

Tutorials and guidance

To the extent that our goal is to help our pupils mature as individuals, our mission goes beyond purely academic instruction. Accordingly, our teachers, as skilled professionals involved in and engaged with their jobs, have the role of counsellors and mentors in our pupils’ development process. Far from being mere repositories and conveyors of knowledge, the part they play is to show pupils the way and guide them, whereby each pupil individually becomes the master of developing their own ability to learn, resorting to diverse sources, interpreting and analysing their findings, seeking their own answers in their own way, and learning from experience.

Furthermore, besides the responsibility that each member of staff has in the teaching of their subject and in monitoring their pupils in the classroom, the pupils’ tutors meet in the orientation department and coordinate their duties with the assistance of a full team of professional specialists in psychology and psychopedagogy.

In turn, this team provides all the teaching staff with advice on their coaching tasks and educational support, as well as on the mentoring of their pupils throughout their learning process.

Tutorial mentoring is essential, with the backing of the entire team providing psychopedagogical guidance, to ensure that each pupil can make the best decisions throughout their schooling, both in their choice of optional subjects and in the academic itineraries that are best suited to their personal characteristics and individual interests and tastes.

What’s more, in Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and the Sixth Form (Bachiller), both pupils and their families are entitled to receive independent advice with a view to assessing the most attractive career options, obtaining information on universities and occupational training, as well as on the pertinent enrolment processes.

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